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How to debug a project that doesn't get to main()?

Question asked by Shareef Jalloq on Nov 4, 2018
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I'm new to MCUXpresso and feel like I must be doing something wrong.  I can program an LPCXpresso 812 board with the blinky LPCOpen project, but when I try to do something similar for a custom board I'm using I'm getting nowhere.


My board has the LPC812M101JDH16 and has a 10-pin SWD header and some GPIO.  It will run from the IRC oscillator.  I'm going through the LPCOpen project flow creating a new 'MCUXpresso IDE' project, picking the 812 and using the LPCOpen libraries I've imported into the workspace.


The default main() that is built with the project just enters an infinite loop.  If I try to launch the debugger, the MCU is programmed and starts executing but if I pause it I see that its suspended at 0x1fff_00c4.  If I add breakpoints inside Chip_SystemInit() or main() they don't fire.  Not sure where to start from here?