CD1030 switch interactions and types

Discussion created by testbed on Nov 2, 2018


I am planning to use the CD1030 33 channel MSDI in my project.


Just wanted to know if the following switch interactions using this chip are feasible or not


All switches are momentary-push-to-on type



1. Long Press to trigger some functionality

2. Short press to trigger some functionality

3. Long Press + Short Press combinations.(e.g. SP0 long press + SG0 short press / SP0 long press + SP2 short press)

4. When multiple switches are pressed (unless its' the combination in [3]) no action must be taken.


I know that the IC generates an IRQ on switch state change. Therefore, for the momentary-push-to-on buttons there will be two IRQs for every press. The evaluation kits and the provided S32K project use standard switches that are SPST type which generate only one IRQ to the host processor