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AS1_SendBlock equivilant in full MQX

Question asked by Ken Armitage on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2018 by Daniel Chen

I have developed an MQX-Lite application which uses AS1_SendBlock to transmit variable length commands to a display via the serial channel. The commands are a series of HEX values.

I would like use the dame display in a new MQX4.1 (or MQX4.2) project.


The message comprises a series of Bytes...


struct {
byte Command;
byte ObjectIndex;
byte Length;
byte Byte1;
byte Byte2;
byte Byte3;
byte Byte4;
byte Checksum;
} message;


and is then sent to the display using;


AS1_SendBlock((byte*)&message, sizeof(message), &Sent);


How can I achieve the same in my full MQX projects...?