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MKM14Z64ACHH5  How to use the analog comparator.

Question asked by jun yamada on Nov 1, 2018
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I am using CORTEX-M0+ MKM14Z64ACHH5.

In the data sheet, it is described as follows.

Two analog comparators (CMP) with 6 bit DAC and programmable reference input

I would like to use this comparator as port input, so please tell me the following points.


① In the KM Family Reference Manual Figure 27-1. CMP, DAC and ANMUX Block Diagram
There are reference inputs 0 to 6, but is this supported on the next pin?
Which pin corresponds to the reference input?

PIN# name
14 SDADP 0
15 SDADM 0
16 SDADP 1
17 SDADM 1
20 SDADP 2 / CMP 1 P 2
21 SDADM 2 / CMP 1 P 3
24 SDADP 3 / CMP 1 P 4
23 SDADM 3 / CMP 1 P 5


② Does SDADPx and SDADMx have a combination of positive input and negative input of the comparator?


③ What is the reference voltage of CMP1P2 to CMP1P5?


④ The name of SDADPx or CMP 1 Px can not be found in the manual. Where do you examine these usage?


⑤ Is there a sample code to use as an input port?


Sorry to trouble you, but I want to know soon, thank you.


I am sorry that my English is not good.