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Alexa-AVS-Sample i.MX8 WakeWord Install & Licensing

Question asked by Cesar Hernandez on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Diego Adrian Cuevas



I have compiled and installed the i.mx8 avs-image based on this guide: Build Alexa SDK (AVS) image for i.MX8M EVK board (with Yocto Morty, Kernel4.9) 


I see that the Alexa app works fine but I need to add sensory wakeword


I have acquired the sdk and license from sensory but i have no clue how I need to activate so wakeword will work with my Alexa_AVS_App


My question is how I can do this and also install the license from sensory? Below is a picture of what i get when i try to renew the license and was wondering if anyone can help. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.