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M5329EVB - framebuffer not working

Discussion created by Jan Rejlek on Dec 15, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2008 by Jan Rejlek
Hi all,
I have problem getting the framebuffer working in linux (m532xevb-20071102-ltib.iso, updated with m5329-20071102-update-ltib.tar.gz). I have selected microwindows in package selector and enabled framebuffer in the kernel configuration.

Linux is normally running, framebuffer is initialized (see the corresponding part of /var/log/messages in attachment), but the nanox examples don't show anything on the screen. Nevertheless the examples seem to be running: after launching the demo2.sh ps shows running bin/nano-X, bin/nanowm, bin/nxeyes, bin/tux. The /usr/nanox/bib/nxcal also seems to be working (it waits for 4 touches on the display and prints diagnostic messages on the console).

The "video-open 6 16" and "draw-test" commands from the LogicLoader show the correct test pattern, so the hardware is probably good. The LCD display is the Logic's LCD-3.5-QVGA-10.

What am I doing wrong? Can anybody send me his /var/log/messages from functioning system?

Many thanks

Jan Rejlek