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How to use PIO0_13 and 18 for GPIO

Question asked by Brant Rosenberger on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by soledad


I am using both the 48 pin and 64 pin version of the LPC1549 in a design and trying to setup PIO0_13 and PIO0_18 for GPIO to control other hardware.  Looking into Board_Init() in LPCOpen I noticed that it is trying to control those two pins and make use of them for UART0 based debug.  So I disabled that code and instead just init the GPIO subsystem instead with  Chip_GPIO_Init(LPC_GPIO);


My main issue is getting PIO0_13 and PIO0_18 unstuck, even when avoiding the Board_Init() code.  I need to use these pins for external hardware.  They seem to be stuck high no matter what I've tried so far. 


I am easily able to change the pin start of other pins such as PIO0_1, PIO0_2, PIO0_7 for example so I don't suspect anything related to the code doing the state change, just something is missing in the configuration allowing those pins to be software controlled like the others.


What am I missing?