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Is there an Android App that will read AND write an NHS3100?

Question asked by Steve Wald on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Steve Wald

The NXP TagWriter App and the NFC Tools app will not write to NHS3100 tags. NFC Tools flags the tag as NTAG 206. My reader is a Samsung S4A with Android version 5.01. Either tool can read the tag's contents, but neither can write - they try and don't complain, but when I read the tag again, nothing was written at all.

I am using the app_demo_dp_ndeft2t firmware on the tag and wonder about that. This project claims to be able to parse NDEF messages written from NFC enabled Android phone, but all I see in the code is a bunch of trace_printf() statements for each type of NDEF. Does the tag need some hooks in the FW to be writable by the reader device? Is there an example demo that can actually write a message to the tag, overwriting the previous contents or not?

Where is the list of "Recommended Android Applications" linked to in the NHS31xx SW API > Modules > Applications > ndevt2t document of the SDK? The link just loops back to itself!