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S32V234 bare metal M4 interrupts

Question asked by Matt Ripley on Nov 1, 2018

HI, I've been working with S32K14x parts for a while and am migrating code onto S32V234. I am trying to get some bare metal programs working and fire some timer interrupts. I have the PLL set up and have seen the the PIT running and generate interrupt flags. When I try to write to the MSCM_IRSPRCx registers so that the interrupt is routed to the M4 NVIC the writes are always ignored?


I am careful that I am only writing 16 bit values and the RO bit is not set. I can't tell from the reference manual why this is not working. Looking at the uboot source it seems that you can just write to these registers but I must be doing something wrong.


Any hints wold be welcome


many thanks