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Question about MKS22FN256VLL12 SDID

Question asked by chris_f on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by Robin_Shen

I'm trying to configure openocd to program an MKS22FN256VLL12.


openocd reports: MCU is unsupported, SDID 0x22000418

Having added that SDID to openocd, I can connect and read the SDID register:

Open On-Chip Debugger
> mdw 0x40048024
0x40048024: 22000418


As far as I can tell, this doesn't correspond to the SDID in the reference manual. Page 207 of KS22P100M120SF0RM says that the DIEID in SDID[11:7] should be 10111 but this device reads as 01000?