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FTM_Init() crashes

Question asked by Thomas Olenik on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Thomas Olenik

I'm using MCUXepresso, SDK, and configuration tools with a Kinetis FRDM board project. Everything is for the specific board I'm using. I can get the FTM driver examples to run on the board from the same SDK. However, when I make my own project all my FTM_Init functions crash immediately after the line shown in the attached executes. I've double checked my clock and pin configurations which is really the only thing that might be different from the example projects, but I can't find why it is crashing. When I comment out all my FTM sections, the rest of the application runs fine. The only other modules that I'm using in this project are GPIO on one pin, msCAN, PWT, and PIT. Its on a FRDM-KE06Z. Does anyone have any thoughts on where to look for issues?

Line before crash