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NTAG I2CPlus Problem

Question asked by Manuel Buil on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by IvanRuiz

Hi, I´m developing a new board and we want to add to it a NXP NTAG I2CPlus device (NT3H2111) by the moment we only want read the device unique 7 bytes UID using I2C and with an external mobile phone using NFC, we don´t need by the moment communicate between mobile phone and our board, we only want that the mobile phone(using NFC) and the device on our board(using I2C) can read the same 7 bytes UID.


Now I can read with my microcontroller the UID using the I2C, but the NFC interface is not working, I can not read the UID of the Ntag using a mobile phone.


Is it possible from the NFC side to read the Ntag´s UID if we have not configured nothing from the I2c side?


The NT3H2111 is powered from a 3.3V power supply 


I´ve attached a photo of the board with the antenna.