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the bootloader jump function can not work in mpc5604P

Question asked by an an on Oct 30, 2018

the jump function is next

the boot program is next,CODE_MAINADDR_START= 0x00008000(the APP org address);the code warrior warns No source available for "0x00000004 (0x00000004)() ; if CODE_MAINADDR_START= 0x00(the boot org address),the boot program jump to the boot program circulately,and it work well in the boot.

the APP link file is next

when I download the APP(org address is 0x00008000) using the code warrior 10.6,the APP program is work well.but the boot jump to the APP ,the code warrior warns the “source available for "0x00000004 (0x00000004)()””。I really do not how to it and can not get the issue about the problem. please help me ,I  warry it a lot !