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sgtl5000 lineout

Question asked by bcb9 bcb9 on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by bcb9 bcb9

I used sgtl5000 as codec on my i.mx6q platform.The version of kernel is 3.0.35.The sgtl5000 voltages of vddio,vdda are 3.3v,and voltage of vddd is external 1.8v.According the datasheet,I set CHIP_REF_CTRL=0X1F0,CHIP_LINE_OUT_CTRL=0X322.When I use aplay to play 1kHz sin file,the wave of lineout sometime can  change to square wave, then restore to correct wave.Please ref the 01 and 02 png.I try to modify the CHIP_REF_CTRL value,the voltage of VAG pin is always 3.3v.

Can give me some advice?