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MCUX 10.2.1 - Debug launch freezes at 2% for about a minute

Question asked by David Rodgers on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by Sam Kearney

So this isn't a new problem with 10.2.1... to my recollection, this problem has existed for a few months at least.  The issue is that whenever I do a debug launch (green bug), on the bottom status bar, I see "Launching foo_bar ... Debug: (2%)" with a short green progress bar, and it just strobes away for a minute or two while the Console window is blank.  Nothing else seems to be happening in the IDE while it's at 2%.  After this lengthy delay, it finally jumps to 6%, does a build prior to launch, usually there's nothing to do for the build, and then it goes to launch GDB.  Happens with both PEMicro and SEGGER debug launches, and happens with each of two different Kinetis projects I'm currently working on.


The only time this doesn't happen is if this is the first time I've launched the debugger since starting MCUX.  In that case, clicking the green bug makes the progress go immediately to 6%, the pre-launch build happens, and then the debugger starts.  If I then terminate the debugger, and then click the green bug again, it sits at 2% for another minute or so, then goes to 6%, does the build, etc.


This is a bit of a productivity killer, having to wait a couple of minutes for no good reason each time I do a debug launch.  Any idea what's causing this pause where seemingly nothing is happening in the IDE?


(Win 10 Pro 1803 patched, MCUX 10.2.1, Kinetis K24 project)