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MCUXpresso SDK to processor

Question asked by ranshalit on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by jimmychan



We started working with mimxrt1050 evk  , which in builder sdk when choosing the exact evk, gives sdk 2.3.0.

Yet, On choosing processor (starting with imxrt1050...) we find that there is sdk 2.4.2, which also seems to function without any issues on the same evaluation board.

Yet, we eventually decided to design our board for imxrt1060, so we also purchased imxrt1060 evk. Using MCUXpresso it suggest 2.4.0 SDK.


1. Can anyone say why we can't use the latest (sdk 2.4.2) on both imxrt1050 and imxrt1060 ?

2. If we already started design of application with 2.4.2 and want to test it on imxrt1060, does it require a change in application settings (which) or do we have to use the previous 2.4.0 SDK ? if yes - why ?



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