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Is i.MX6 SSI SRXD connected to AUD_RXD or to AUD_TXD?

Question asked by Fredrik Moller on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2018 by Fredrik Moller

To which AUDMUX signal is the SSI SRXD signal connected? Is it to AUD_RXD or to AUD_TXD? For simplicity, assume that the SSI in question is SSI1 (which is connected to port 1).


The reference manual doesn't say, even though figure 16-3 suggests that SSI1 SRXD is connected to AUD1_RXD. On the other hand, figure 1 in AN2628 says that the opposite is true. AN2628.pdf is not relevant for i.MX6 though, as the AUDMUX module described is not the same as on i.MX6.


I've searched the forum for answers, but the answers are similarly conflicting. The question How should I set i.MX6 AUDMUX_PTCR and AUDMUX_PDCR. suggests that SSI1 SRXD is connected to AUX1_RXD, while the answer to i.MX6 AUDMUX setting when TX <-> RX swapping. suggests that the opposite is true (though the answer is based on the irrelevant AN2628.


I would also want to know to where the other five SSI signals connect to the associated AUDMUX port.