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MCF52233 Ethernet Poltergeist

Discussion created by jordi corpas on Dec 13, 2008
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I developed my own RTOS with complete TCPIP support, File System, Web Server, FTP server, NTP, Telnet, remote firmware update via Web Browser,configuration system,  ....
Until now I have not detected any problem in the system, but now I have a serious problem and really I don´t know how to continue.
I'm working integrating the SIP protocol, and it works fine for incoming calls, but outgoing calls fails because the FEC doesn't transmit the INVITE packet. This packet is sent using UDP protocol and it is really delivered to the transmit BD's. I check for this packet in the BD ring and all is Ok, it is well formed, addresses are Ok, 16 bytes align, contents Ok, and the FEC clears the Frame Ready bit, but neither the aplication or the Sniffer detect this packet. In the same socket I send more SIP packets and it works fine.
Do you have any idea what could happen ?
Thanks in advance for your help !