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S32K144 EVB - UART always reads STATUS_SUCCESS after Init

Question asked by vagabond on Oct 29, 2018

Hi guys,

I created an infinite while loop following a Processor Expert example for UART, and read data from the serial port.


/* Initialize for UART_PAL */
UART_Init(&uart_pal1_instance, &uart_pal1_Config0);


error = UART_ReceiveData(&uart_pal1_instance, buffer_uart, 12UL);
if (error==STATUS_SUCCESS) //means data was received from PC


    //...doing something with the data received



This function works ok, except for the first time it loops, when error=STATUS_SUCCESS. There is no data on the serial bus.

While I can fix it by ignoring the first loop data, I don't know why it happens. 


Any ideas?


*btw, same thing happens with CAN communication, not just UART.

I'm using the on board Open SDA debugger, not sure it matters.