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Problem with CodeWarrior/Eclipce version 11.0 doing long multiplications.

Question asked by Per Hojfeldt on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Per Hojfeldt

I have a problem doing a simple long multiplication.

lValue = (long)(1000 * 3850); Return in lValue 0xFFFFBF10. Wrong should be 0x003ABF10.

lValue = 3850000; Return correct lValue 0x003ABF10.


Is this a serious compiler error? Or what do I do wrong?

Attached is a little project named Long_Mul and 2 pdf files that show the source code made as Tiny and Minimal Startup code. MCU used is a MC9SO8QD4 with 4K flash and 255 bytes RAM.


Sincerely Yours

Per Højfeldt