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When to initialize hyperram for application ?

Question asked by ranshalit on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Artur Petukhov



I will please start from our final goal and than reach the question on title:

We need to initialize hyperram (initialized with flashspi) and use it in application, just like a ram (with global variables, if needed).

I am familiar with NXP hyperram example ( ) , but I am not sure about the following:

If we use this example, and initialize hyperram at start of application, doesn't it mean that we can't use global variables for example with the same application because hyperram was not initialized before application started ?


Since I am not sure about the above, I thought that maybe it is better to initialize hyperram in our bootloader and the jump to our main application. I assume that then we can access hyperram just like a regular ram and also use globals.


But here comes in the 2nd doubt/question:

Is it that a call to ResetISR() at the start of application and also the initialization done at the start of main() (such as BOARD_ConfigMPU, BOARD_InitPins, BOARD_BootClockRUN, BOARD_InitDebugConsole, BOARD_InitModuleClock(); ) 

shall result in reseting the hyperram initialization ( flexspi) or will it survive the jump from bootloader to application ?



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