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Flashloader FCB description for Parallel NAND Flash through SEMC

Question asked by Sicris Rey Embay on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Jay Heng

Overview: Our board uses MIMXRT1052DVL6B with an external parallel NAND Flash via SEMC.  NAND Flash part number is TC58BVG1S3HTA00.


Objective: For a test, I'm trying to boot from external parallel NAND Flash via SEMC and excecute the image from ITCM.  For simplicity, I modified the blinky project (from SDK example) to blink the LED in our board, which is tested fine when run from IDE.  I created the unsigned SB file from the blinky project output using the Boot descriptor (BD) files from Flashloader_RT1050_1.1, "" and "".


In the "", there's a series of load commands to prepare the SEMC NAND FCB before enable semcnand.


<code> #1. Prepare SEMC NAND FCB option
# Note: This is a template, need to be udpated to actual option in users' project
# See MCUX Flashloader RM for more details
# ONFI 1.0, non-EDO, Timing mode 0, 8bit IO, CSX0
load 0xD0030501 > 0x2000;
# image copy = 1, search stride = 1, search count = 1
load 0x00010101 > 0x2004;
# block index = 2, block count = 1
load 0x00020001 > 0x2008;
enable semcnand 0x2000; </code>


Question: Where can I find the bit-field description of data loaded into memory 0x2000-0x200B?  I've read the "MCUX Flashloader Reference Manual, Rev2, 01/2018", but it only have FCB description for Serial NOR/NAND Flash through FlexSPI and SD/eMMC through uSDHC.  There's no mention on parallel NAND flash through SEMC.


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