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How to install Processor Expert  to CWA-LS-SPLST

Question asked by Dmitry Konkov on Oct 29, 2018

Dear All, 
I want to use  Freescale CodeWarrior PA  and  Freescale Processor Expert
for  Freescale (NXP) QorIQ processors:
p1022 \ p3041 \ p4080 \p5040
There is  sw tool  Code Warrior Development Suites for Networked Applications Specialist Level

 My  questions are:
-   how to install Processor Expert into Code Warrior Development Suites sw 
- Is it neccesary to use some additional sw tools for
 Processor Expert installation  or no ? 
- where I can find the latest list  of supported devices ? All documentation on 
dated 2-3 years old.

Dmitry Konkov