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I.MX6Q first boot fail!

Question asked by tommy duan on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by tommy duan
  • Cars have ACC and B +,We find that now ACC and B+ are both up, causing the CPU to fail to start;If B+ is turned on continuously and only ACC is disconnected,When I'm only on ACC,it will start up normally;The main difference between the two is only breaking ACC, RTC electricity is always available;Do not understand the main impact of CPU start up?This is still a probabilistic question, and I can work if I change the CPU.If there is a problem, I delay the CPU reset time, which can reduce the probability, but cannot be completely solved!


  • Sometimes the power cut takes too long to start,Sometimes breaking 10S can be redone!Can you provide a possible reason, or we can test and verify the method, thank you!