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LS2088A: Strange crashes with U-boot binary on custom board

Question asked by Ramasubramanian Subramanian on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by Ramasubramanian Subramanian
We are facing a strange issue with U-boot on LS2088A custom hardware that makes the card crash during boot. 

When we make a code change in U-boot and make a new U-boot binary, we see crash during kernel boot
or u-boot startup.
If we alter the U-boot binary size by increasing or decreasing the binary size by adding spaces in the string,
the problem goes away. 

We have tested DDR and we have stable DDR parameters from DDRV tool.  We ran memory tests and we do not have
any memory issues.
We do not see any DDR failures.  We have tested on several custom boards, the issue can be reproduced on
many Ls2088a custom hardware.
We also have ls1046 and ls1043a hardware and we have not seen such issue on these type of hardware.

If we manage to build the binary and successfully run on the board, we do not see any issues with the
binary on any other card.
We have to work around this issue by adding extra spaces in the board specific file /ls2080a.c 

-    printf("\n" BOARD_NAME " MMI DIP-Swich value: 0x%x\n               ", dip_switch);
+    printf("\n" BOARD_NAME " MMI DIP-Swich value: 0x%x\n                   ", dip_switch); 

The only change we made to workaround the crash was to add 4 spaces in the printf. 

Please see the attached log for the crash.
Your feedback will be very useful to investigate this issue further.  
Do you have any clue on this issue based on our obervations?