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how is the pwmB.f16Arg1 set in the AN5327

Question asked by qinzhi liang on Oct 26, 2018

Dear friend:

                  I have a problem about the pwmB.f16Arg1 on page 13 in the AN5327.

why pwmB.f16Arg1 = ((diffUV)<MLIB_Sub_F16(temp,minZeroPulse)) ?  MLIB_SubSat_F16(temp,diffUV): minZeroPulse;

I think pwmB.f16Arg1 =(diffUV <minSamplingPulse_x2 )?  MLIB_SubSat_F16(temp,diffUV): minZeroPulse .

when diffVW<minSamplingPulse_x2,if diffUV >minSamplingPulse_x2,ADC have enough time to sample.

So why we wait for (diffUV)>MLIB_Sub_F16(temp,minZeroPulse)?

please give me a particular answer,

Thank you.