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LPC54606 SPI Issues

Question asked by Santosh balakrishnan on Oct 28, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2018 by Kerry Zhou

LPC54606 SPI Timing.



I have a design based on LPC54606 100 pin package - the controller interfaces to couple of SPI based devices. I am running into few SPI related issues would appreciate any help on this issue. 

1. I have SPI configured on FlexComm3 - Slave Select is set on Pin 77 (SSEL1). The module does not seem to be managing this particular slave select pin. It is configured for active low. Is there an errata on this issue?

2. How do i get an interrupt on Master Idle? I have enabled INTENSET, and i was expecting to receive an interrupt on FLEXCOMM3_IrqHandler. But i don't get an interrupt. Do i need to enable any other flags?