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Can I avoid CMEM size(3840) limit?

Question asked by Andy Andy on Oct 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Kushal Shah

When I porting a complicate stereo match algorithm to APEX, at the same time, the APEX kernel is wried by myself, however after execute compile the graph and kernel, was failed, the error message from log file as below, 



ACF_Process_Desc_APU::AnalyzeAndResolve() -> Resolving graph 'apu_elas_graph' with base chunk size (0x0) overflows available APEX memory resources (CMEM: 8320/3840 DMEM: 0/96768)



Because the max disparity of Stereo matching vision is 256(means one pixel's disparity depend on 256 neighbor pixels), so I have to input enough data to APEX at the same time, but the CMEM size limit is 3840, How can I  resolve this problem? thanks!