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Is there any documentation in interfacing with the MMA 8452Q Linux Driver?

Question asked by Ali Ismail on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Ali Ismail

I have an MMA 8452Q accelerometer connected to an iMX6 SoM. I have successfully brought up the 8452 Linux driver and able to interface with it via sysfs. My question is, is there any documentation describing how to configure and set triggers for the MMA 8452 via sysfs?


EDIT: After spending some time and digging into iio devices, my original question is not exactly my issue. The mma8452 accel is currently set as the trigger. I have configured the 8452 accel to trigger an interrupt when motion is detected. I can successfully cause the 8452 accel to trigger. I have also successfully observed the mma8452 Linux driver capture the trigger. Based on what I have seen in the driver code, it executes an iio_push_event(). My question is, how do I observer this iio_push_event from userspace?