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NTSC output for APALIS IMX6

Question asked by morel mathias on Oct 26, 2018
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I contact you because i have read your post here : 

You seem to be good in display parameters.


I have an Apalis card and i want an NTSC/PAL output. For beggining i test only the NTSC.


So I want to use the AD723 chip which use the vga output.

I patch my linux kernel with the patch 0001 and 0004 from here :

Patch for iMX6 BSP to support interlaced display on HDMI and LCD interface 


And i modify the file :

nano ~/linux-toradex/drivers/video/fbdev/mxc/mxc_vdacif.c

by adding these parameters :

  /*NTSC */

        { NULL, 30, 720, 487, 74074, 16, 2, 17, 3, 142, 1,




That's your parameters for BT1120.

I have the video on my display but it's like the video always scrolling.


The AD723 need RS170A timing that i found here : 

and p8 of 


Can you explain me or give me the correct configuration?


Here the result with the configuration :