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How secondary core boots in T2080 processor

Question asked by Ravi Kumar on Oct 26, 2018
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I am working on a board which requires a AMP system. The board is designed with T2080 PPC processor. My requirement is to run the system with two different OS. Linux on core0 and vxWorks on core1. I have the context of booting from core0 perspective. Core0 act as primary core during power ON reset. When processor comes out of reset, default 4KB of boot space is already mapped for all cores, but all the cores are on boot hold-off state except core0. So core0 starts the execution from reset vector address 0xfffffffc. The reset vector address is mapped to boot rom NOR flash, from where uboot is loaded and control transfer to linux kernel. I am interested to know

1. how I can allow the core1 to boot with other OS(vsWorks)?

2. What will be reset vector address for core1 when it is released from boot-holf state, at that time no MMU/TLB initialized for core1. Only 4KB boot page is visible to core1 and that too mapped to NOR flash which have the uboot image?


Thanks in advance.QorIQ Processing Platforms