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imx6UL: How to get bluetooth working?

Question asked by Prasant J on Oct 25, 2018
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I have a custom board using imx6UL. I would like to use Bluetooth on my board.



I'm interested in having the following bluetooth profiles:
* Headset Profile (HSP) : Ring, answer a call, hang up & adjust the volume
* Hands-Free Profile (HFP): HSP + Battery info
* Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP): Multimedia Control (Play/Pause) + Multimedia info (Track Name)
* File Transfer Protocol (FTP): Transfer data
* Phone Bool access profile: Retrieve name of caller from phone
* Serial port Profile (SPP): For any custom communication




1) How can I get the above profiles? Which Bluetooth version is required? 4.0 or 4.1?
2) Which version of BlueZ stack do we need to get all the above profiles? is BlueZ a recommended stack?
3) What is the minimum kernel version required?
4) Which bluetooth chipset is recommended? TI-WL1837MOD or Broadcom BCM43438 or something else??
5) What interface would be recommended for connecting the bluetooth chipset? USB or UART?
6) Is Bluetooth classic sufficient for the above or do I need BLE also?

I have little understanding of Bluetooth. 


Any inputs on the above will be of great help?



Thanks & regards, Pj