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How to set permanent ethernet mac address via fuse on iMX6 ULL?

Question asked by Stefano Cappa on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by Stefano Cappa

Hello everyone,

I have a custom board based on iMX 6ULL evk.

I'm using Yocto Sumo 2.5.1, with kernel linux-imx 4.9.88 and u-boot-imx 2017.03.


My board is working and I'm able to use the ethernet port without problems, but at every reboot the mac address is changing. Obviously, I'm also able to force this mac address via systemd-networkd and it's ok.


However, now I want to set a permanent fixed mac address into my board. So, at every reboot, the mac address will be always the same and my os will use it without to forcing it via systemd-networkd.

I need this fixed mac address while booting to be sure that every services in my os will use it while starting.


How can I do that for iMX6ULL?


Thank you.