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what is the pcPath for LPC54018 console?

Question asked by Jenny Rendall on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Jenny Rendall

I am trying to create a serial console that let me interact with my LPC54018 with FreeRTOS+CLI


I am following this tutorial


The tutorial assumes Peripheral_Descriptor_t has been acquired.


static int8_t pcOutputString[ MAX_OUTPUT_LENGTH ], pcInputString[ MAX_INPUT_LENGTH ];     

/* This code assumes the peripheral being used as the console has already     been opened and configured, and is passed into the task as the task  parameter.  Cast the task parameter to the correct type. */   


xConsole = ( Peripheral_Descriptor_t ) pvParameters;     


/* Send a welcome message to the user knows they are connected. */   

FreeRTOS_write( xConsole, pcWelcomeMessage, strlen( pcWelcomeMessage ) );

I know I need to use FreeRTOS_open API reference documentation to get the Peripheral_Descriptor_t, e.g

Peripheral_Descriptor_t xOpenedPort;      /* Open the SPI port identified in the board support package as using the     path string "/SPI2/".  The second parameter is not currently used and can     be set to anything, although, for future compatibility, it is recommended      that it is set to NULL. */   


xOpenedPort = FreeRTOS_open( "/SPI2/", NULL );


Where can I get the pcPath for console in LPC54018?