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RPMsg vqueue /vring shared memory overhead and data buffers

Question asked by D. RY on Oct 25, 2018
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In the context of iMX7D Linux and FreeRTOS  OpenAMP RPMsg implementation, as provided by NXP (un-modified, and not alternative Lite version):


In the default Linux devtree, total of 0x10000 / 64KB reserved for the vrings, half-half for Tx, Rx 0x8000 / 32KB each (the 0x8000 is hardcoded imx_rpmsg.c).


This fixed location for vrings is only the management overhead from the vrings  - is this correct?

The buffers for the actual data are allocated by the kernel  (virtio_rpmsg_bus.c, dma_alloc_coherent), from another memory, and this is 512 buffers x 512 buffer size = 256KB (for Tx & Rx).


For the vrings, from Linux imx_rpmsg.c  it says:

/* With 256 buffers, our vring will occupy 3 pages */
#define RPMSG_RING_SIZE ((DIV_ROUND_UP(vring_size(RPMSG_NUM_BUFS / 2, \

That is 3 x 0x1000 = 0x3000 / 12228, or ~12KB per vring  / per Tx /Rx.   


Why then 32KB is reserved in devtree for each queue ...?



* For now, allocate 256 buffers of 512 bytes for each side. each buffer
* will then have 16B for the msg header and 496B for the payload.
* This will require a total space of 256KB for the buffers themselves, and
* 3 pages for every vring (the size of the vring depends on the number of
* buffers it supports).


Is the total space overhead in this setup then:

512 * 16 = 8192 / 0x2000  for total  RPMsg messages (Tx & Rx queues)  + 

 2 * 0x3000  = 0x6000 / 24576 for vrings

 = 0x8000  / 32KB,  which is 12,5% 

Is this right or something is missing?


I can't calculate why 64KB is reserved for vrings reserved in devtree though ...Where does it come from?


In addition (first time I didn't) count for virtqueues per each shared vring, which are allocated for management in Linux

(rp_find_vq, calls vring_new_virtqueue). Tracing that, for default setup of 256 buffers,  at least another 2132 bytes per virtqueue allocated (it's at least because virtqueue has other data pointers in it, which may be assigned allocated mem by other parts of code I didn't trace).  Thus  another 4264 bytes for 2 vqueues for management on Linux.


On FreeRTOS side it creates virtqueues for vrings, (rpmsg_rdev_create_virtqueues in remote_device.c), and that's traced to 4224 (after malloc alignment) per queue. 


Adding up 32768 + 12712 = 45480, or about ~45KB . (There is also other state management stuff, like rdevs, channels, etc..)


So now  ~ 17% overhead, with 256KB data space.