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Configuration I2C for PCA9538BS on ADTJA1101-RMII

Question asked by Quoc Viet Vu on Oct 25, 2018

Hello supporter,


I'm doing integration Ethernet stack on ADTJA1101-RMII and S32K148EVB. I see that there is a PCA9538BS on ADTJA1101-RMII and it connects to S32K148EVB by ENET_ID_SCL and ENET_ID_SDA. I'd like to ask:


- Do we have to enable and initialize I2C ports on S32K148 to communicate with PCA9538BS?


- Do you have any guide to do that or any sample configuration for Ethernet on S32K148 (include Ports, I2C, ICU, ENET, ...) with EB tresos?


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