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MCIMX6ULL-EVK - Buying different daughter cards

Question asked by Brian Lee on Oct 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Linda Zhang

Hi All,


We have a MCIMX6ULL-EVK dev kit. It comes with a daughter card marked 700-29364 REV A  / SCH-29364 REV A. The part number of the IMX6 reads MCIMX6Y2DVM09AA which according to this link does not support RGB video.


We would like to trial an LCD screen with the dev kit. The part number for the LCD in the quick start guide is: LCD8000-43T, however the link above suggests that the IMX6 that comes with the dev kit does not support video.


Is it possible to buy other daughter cards for the motherboard? Our preferred IMX6 would be MCIMX6Y2CVM08AB since we think it will fit our needs, but we would like to test our graphics etc out before committing to a custom board.