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TDM/I2S communication to TFA9896

Question asked by Morten Bech on Oct 24, 2018

I am using the TFA9896 to collect audio signals over the I2S line, but the collected data sounds really lousy.

The transmitting device has a Clock on 256kHz, and a Frame Sync on 8kHz.

The TFA9896 collects data with a Clock on 1.536MHz, and a Frame Sync on 48kHz.

I am collecting signals on the TFA's "I2S IN1" line with their corresponding BCK, WS and DATA pins.

I should be able to change the Sync frequency on the TFA9896 with I2C, by sending 0x00 & 0x90 to address 0x04, but when I change the configurations as the datasheet says, it doesn't seem to change the actual Sync frequency at all when I measure the signals. 


Am I using the correct I2S inputs pins, or are there pins designed for the TDM configurations?

Am I using the correct configurations to change the frequencies?