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Is it possible to enable PAMU with sdk versions of fman and dpaa

Question asked by ollivinho on Oct 24, 2018
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Is it possible to enable PAMU with the SDK versions of FMAN and DPAA drivers? I am based on Linux 4.9.124 commit e8b01fb24fb8eb1adee9667eba2cae702b5892e9.


SRC_URI = "git://;nobranch=1 \
SRCREV = "e8b01fb24fb8eb1adee9667eba2cae702b5892e9"


I am running on a custom board based on T2081. With the mainline versions of fman and dpaa I get RX/TX dropped packets on fm1-mac1 interface. Switching to sdk_fman and sdk_dpaa solves the network issue but I have to disable PAMU (and USDPAA) for it to compile.


Now I need to allocate large DMA buffers using scatter gather and I figure PAMU will help performance here.


I did also look into CMA and DMA_CMA as an alternative to scatter gather but it is not supported in powerpc arch.


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