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CAN bus - can_message_t .cs - Code and Status

Question asked by vagabond on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2018 by vagabond

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what exactly is the .cs field in can_message_t struct represents?

Struct is defined as below, and I can't find a clear definition, except "Code and Status"


typedef struct {
uint32_t cs; /*!< Code and Status*/
uint32_t id; /*!< ID of the message */
uint8_t data[64]; /*!< Data bytes of the CAN message*/
uint8_t length; /*!< Length of payload in bytes */
} can_message_t;


I'm using a S32K144 EVB and a USB-CAN interface.I'm sending data from the USB-CAN interface to the SK32K144 board.

Everything works fine, but when I am receiving data from the CAN bus, this ".cs" value changes every time, apparently random, even if the data sent from the CAN adapter is the same.