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Generate three shifted pulses with one Flextimer

Question asked by Tobias Oswald on Oct 23, 2018
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i would like to ask if there is a possibility of creating three pulses which are shifted against each other with only one Flextimer-Module. The MCU is a KV11.


For Example, the base period could be 30µs. Then, Pin 1 would have to be high from 0µs to 1µs, Pin 2 from 10µs to 11µs and Pin 3 from 20µs to 21µs. At 30µs a new cycle would start and Pin 1 would be set high again, for 1µs, and so on.


Is there a possibility to set this arrangement by using only one Flextimer Module, FTIM0, for example (using Combine Mode, Deadtime, etc.)?


Of course it would also be possible to set the Base period of the timer to 10µs and the CC-Value to 1µs and always toggle the active output pin at TOF, but i would rather like to have a hardware-only-solution.


The other FTIM-Modules are already used by other timing functions.


Thank you in advance,