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PROBLEM to import NTAG I2C PLUS middleware

Question asked by on Oct 23, 2018

Hi to all,
I'm working with MKL33Z64 and MCUxpresso IDE v10.2.1
I have to interface the NT3H2111 NTAG I2C plus device by I2C in my own board.
I downloaded the SDK "SDK_2.4.1_MKL33Z64xxx4" and inside of it there is the folder "Middleware" with
"ntag_i2c_plus" code.

My focus is to use the "ntag_i2c_plus" middleware code in my own project like a library.


In all the Evaluation board software examples the inclusion of middleware files is already in.


If I have an already existing own project, what is the simple way to use the middleware files?
Somebody have any suggestions, please?

Thanks for help.
Best Regards