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S32DS APEX port configuration of downsample app.

Question asked by JinSu Jang on Oct 23, 2018


I am testing image downsampling in S32DS emulation mode, as you known very simple app.


But an error occurred when process controller initializing:

   => input k size(1,1) not divisible with output element k size(2,2):...

   when I trace the error position, following routine cause error at "acf_process_desc_apu.cpp".

       int ACF_Process_Desc_APU::Initialize()




           _graphUsed->ComputeChunkSized();  // error returns 




I just used downsample graph only (no chunk size setting in the program).


Do you know the reason of error?

I think that in this app., I neet to tranform 2x2 pixels to 1x1 pixel.

So I can design the kernel with input port ek=e0[2,2] and

output port ek=e0[1,1] wher e0=8u1,1 as with  the downsample kernel source.

Or I can design the kernel with input port ek=e0[1,1] where e0=8u2,2 and output port ek=e0[1,1] where e0=8u1,1.