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What is the default settings of LDO regulator in Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs ?

Question asked by Peter Amond on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by igorpadykov

Dear All,

Gary Bisson

Yuri Muhin



I used Nitrogen 6 Max development board for my custom hardware design. As well as I used Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs and uboot for that. But I changed its VDDSOC_IN and VDDARM_IN to 1.375 volts and I need to use them in LDO enable mode. But Notrogen 6 Max it is using LDO bypass voltages. As well as I couldn't see any dtb related to LDO enable mode.


1) What are the default settings of the LDO regulator in kernel (In Nitrogen 6 Max) ? Is that LDO enable or LDO bypass ? Do you know any method to see the present status of the LDO in kernel ? Using devrgs command ?


When I read PMU_REG_CORE register using devrgs tools will it give the present settings ?

devregs 0x020C8140


2) Can we set this LDO settings in uboot ?


3) And also some of my custom hardware designs are not working when it is 1.2V for VDDSOC_IN and when I run GPU is highly stressed application. But when I give 1.375V to VDDSOC_IN, I can stress GPU more. Can you comment on this ? Can't I stress the GPU when I'm using LDO bypass mode(1.2V) ?


4)If I'm using Nitrogen 6 Max dtbs how can I change LDO bypass to LDO enable mode ?