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JN5169 Cannot handle uart data

Question asked by Pierre Le Gargasson on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Pierre Le Gargasson



Coordinator = DR1174 + DR1199 ,    End Device = JN5169-001-M00-2



Running Coordinator demo works fine. It prints logs on terminal (UART0) and I can send commands (print, form, steer...).

Running End Device demo works fine. It prints logs on terminal (UART0). Sending commands only with buttons.


I would like to send commands to End Device with serial (UART0). I merged Coordinator UART code but End Device never handle serial data interrupts.


APP_isrUart is never called. I tried to change power mode in app.zpscfg to force awake power mode. It fails.


In function ZQ_bQueueReceive , if( psQueueHandle->u32MessageWaiting >  0) is always false.


PUBLIC bool_t ZQ_bQueueReceive ( void*    pvQueueHandle, void*    pvItemFromQueue )
    uint32 u32Store;
    tszQueue *psQueueHandle = (tszQueue *)pvQueueHandle;
    bool bReturn = FALSE;
    if( psQueueHandle->u32MessageWaiting >  0)
        if( psQueueHandle->pvReadFrom >= (psQueueHandle->pvHead+(psQueueHandle->u32Length*psQueueHandle->u32ItemSize) ))
            psQueueHandle->pvReadFrom = psQueueHandle->pvHead;
        ( void ) memcpy( pvItemFromQueue, psQueueHandle->pvReadFrom, psQueueHandle->u32ItemSize );
        psQueueHandle->pvReadFrom += psQueueHandle->u32ItemSize;
        /* Decrease power manager activity count */
        bReturn = TRUE;        
        bReturn =  FALSE;
    return bReturn;


I can flash the End Device via UART0, it's not hardware issue.

I would appreciate some advices.


Thanks, Pierre