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mx6sl use M4 (baremetal) with remoteproc... any samples?

Question asked by Marco Reppenhagen on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by CarlosCasillas

Hi everybody!

I want to use the M4 in the imx6sl for some realtime action. The code is already written and tested using JTAG behind a eclipse IDE. Now I got some "Pure" C-Code and in our company we use "Remoteproc" to bring up the subcores of the SoCs we use. 


Until now I backported the remoteproc functionality in the 3.19 Kernel we use and I have to build the ELF-Image. 

My question: Before I develop everything on my own -> Are there any samples using remoteproc on any IMX-Processor?

I have to build a plain Makefile project using Gnu-Toolchain... The components I'm locking for: 

Linkerscript, Ressource Table header file to use remoteproc and maybe: Assembler-Startup-Snipped (Bootloader, Vector Table... just to be sure). 


Using remoteproc is my goal... not writing a binary from U-Boot in some excluded memory (done in free rtos-project). 


Is anybody out there who can help me saving a lot of time? 


TNX... Marco.