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Add command in Flash Programmer

Question asked by Minal Nemade on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2018 by Minal Nemade

We have designed a custom board using LS1012A process and using serial NAND flash W25N01GWxxIT. At power up this serial NAND flash works in continuous read mode(status register bit, BUF = 0). In this mode when processor send 0x03 command to read flash it always gives data from 0th column address ignoring the column address send by processor.  Due to which when processor read RCW from 0th location of flash it gives only preamble and address location of DFCG RCWSR for every read of processor. So when processor read 64 bytes of RCW in batches of 8 bytes, every time it read 4 bytes of preamble and 4 bytes of DFCG RCWSR address. So process gives invalid RCW error. To avoid this we want to change flash mode to buffer read mode (status register bit, BUF = 1). For this it is required to set BUF bit in the flash status register.

So my queries are

1. Can we add Flash status register write command while programing the flash. So that Flash gets configured in buffer read mode

2. Can we add this command in flash programmer of CodeWarrior 18.03 tool.


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