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SDK builder for IAR?

Question asked by Nick Dolling on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2018 by Nick Dolling


I'm evaluating the K27 and the iMX-RT1064 for a new project. We plan to use IAR, and as I'm not familiar with MCUXpresso, I hoped to use the example projects to allow me to evaluate a few things on each quickly.


When I generate the SDK for the MIMXRT1060EVK.. it asks me which toolchain I want, but when I do it for the FRDM-K28F, it doesn't give me the option and just generates if for MCUXpresso, and there are no IAR workspaces set up for the example projects.


The doco for the SDK (which seems a bit old) says that there should be example project files for all the various supported toolchains... where have they gone?