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Question asked by Senthil Kumaresan on Oct 22, 2018
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We are planning to use MX6/8 processor for our custom board. Need some clarification on u-boot. 


The custom board will not have the SD card slot and ethernet board. It has on board EMMC ( 8GB). 


- On first boot, Hope the u-boot can be loaded through serial downloader using USB/OTG port. 

             - Is there any changes required in the imx-usb loader tool? 

             - We are planning to use different DDR part number. What are all the changes required to load the u-boot using imx-usb loader

- Once the u-boot is up in the RAM, how to program in to on board EMMC.  Examples are showing download u-boot, zImage in to DDR using tftpboot and program in to EMMC but in my case, we dont have ethernet nor SDcard.