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I have a problem with NXP AUTOSAR MCAL Software setup

Question asked by jongho han on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by Alin Marius Meleandra

HI guys


I had some problem with MCAL Software setup.


First, I watched this page in video(MPC5748G, Tresos Studio 14.1.0, SW574XG-MCAL401-RTMC_SR-1.0.4)  



and I did download MCAL problem in NXP homepage(MPC5748G, Tresos Studio 14.1.0, SW574XG-MCAL401-RTMC_SR-1.0.5)  


but I had some problem with Load error. blow is that things


and I didn't anything so I did download other version MCAL software(Tresos Studio 24.1.0, SW574XG-MCAL431-RTMC_1.0.0)


so, the load error is fine and we got the Warnings, however, I click the generate file, it has a lot of error. blow is that things

1.warnings file

2.error file


I want to know how to solve that problems


anyone, help to me


best wishs